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It’s essential to care for and maintain luxury clothes to ensure they remain in pristine condition for years to come. If upscale clothing is not properly cared for, it can lead to damage such as shrinking, fading, wrinkling, and other issues. Proper care techniques can be strenuous to follow but to ensure your specialty garments are cared for, you can leave them in the hands of our cleaning professionals.

At London Cleaners, our signature high-end garment care service goes beyond standard dry cleaning practices. We handle all items with the utmost care. All specialty garments are pressed and cleaned using special, high-tech equipment. Each garment is stored inside a breathable garment bag along with a signature wooden hanger to maintain shape and keep your garments fresh, pressed and neat.

Our signature high-end garment care service is convenient and includes FREE pickup and delivery throughout Lyndhurst. Don’t leave your luxury clothes in the hands of just anyone. Schedule your free pick-up today!

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I’ve been very happy with London Cleaners. That they come to the house to pick up and drop off our dry cleaning is best of all. I love the convenience and they do a great job.
The team at London Cleaners is extremely professional, provides excellent service, and they are genuinely focused on providing a superior customer experience. I have been a customer of London Cleaners for years and am always pleased with the level of service, convenience and excellent customer service. I highly recommend London Cleaners to those in the Cleveland area.
I love the fact that they come to my house twice a week, so it's never more a couple of days before my they are returned. They do a great job as well.
London Cleaners always returns our clothes cleaned and pressed perfectly. My only regret is that I did not know about them years ago.
London is by far the best laundry and dry cleaner I’ve encountered here in Cleveland and elsewhere. In these times it is important to support the really good retailers like London.
London is great! We’ve used them for years and they pick up and deliver. Alex and his crew are always bringing up to date processes to the business. And the cleaning quality is really great.
London Cleaners did a great job on all my clothes. I had quite a few garments to be cleaned and pressed. Prior to taking my blouse to London Cleaners, a button was missing. They offered to sew on for free! I have never had the professionalism and courtesy that I had with London Cleaners. I will definitely be using them again! One last comment, they contacted me to let me know I could pick up my clothes and the cost. I really appreciated that!
I am completely satisfied with the excellent service provided twice weekly by London Cleaners. That they drive to Akron to provide us with superior cleaning services is wonderful. Otherwise I would nor be able to access such high quality dry cleaning and shirt laundry services. My family thought we had a good service here in Akron. They never could get out the stains and spots from our finer clothes and we accepted that the stains were just too tough to remove. Not anymore with London Cleaners.
Excellent service - no issues at all with the dry cleaning/pressing. Dave, our delivery specialist, is always friendly and will occasionally check in to make sure everything is going well. Would recommend London Cleaners to anyone looking for the ease of pick up/delivery and comparable prices!
It’s all in the details. We can dry-clean just about any garment you own; from blouses, suits and dresses to coats and sweaters. Our process isn’t like other cleaners; we’re greener and gentler, helping to make your garments last longer.
Special garments include:
• Designer jeans, dresses, suits, couture
Concerned about cleaning that couture garment or just want that designer garment to look as good as the day you purchased it? Your clothes are an investment and should be treated with the utmost care. London Signature is our top tier cleaning service customized to take care of your finest fabrics. We take pride in our ability to expertly handle those special garments that require exceptional skill, no matter what type of dyes, construction, embellishments or stains they may have; we take care of your precious items every step of the way.
• Wool, cashmere, silk
We maintain and preserve the integrity of these garments. These fabrics are what we specialize in as they are dry clean only in most instances.
• Leather, suede, fur
Leather, suede and fur cleaning is a precise art and at London Cleaners we’ve mastered the proper cleaning technique. Our craftsmen know how to clean your delicate garments without damaging its style or character. Trust us with all your leather, suede and fur garment care.
• Wedding Gown Cleaning
Our commitment to quality bridal gown heir-looming, preservation and restoration has earned London Cleaners the endorsement of many brides. Our dedicated staff is honored to provide protection for your delicate memories. We will inspect your gown, veil and accessories for spots, tears or other issues. Then our specialist will process them using the gentlest formula possible, to clean and expertly finish them. Your gown will be shaped and carefully placed in our attractive museum quality heirloom box for storage. Whether your special gown is traditional or modern, embellished or simple, protect your investment and treasured memories with London Cleaners elegant gown care.

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London Cleaners is a family owned & operated, environmentally conscious dry-cleaning service focused on quality and reliability. We offer complimentary dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service to and from residences or workplaces, serving the greater Cleveland area.