Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Comforters & Blankets

Washing your bedding is an important task that should be done regularly for sanitary and health-related reasons. While the frequency of washing your bedding is a topic that’s always up for debate, experts agree that fresh, clean comforters and blankets positively influence your sleep health. With different methods of cleaning available, most prefer in-home washing. However,  as convenient as in-home technology is, it’s not the best way to clean and maintain your comforters and blankets as they can damage your bedding. Professional dry cleaning services provide many benefits while also being a gentle and efficient cleaning method.

We’ll elaborate further on the benefits of dry cleaning your comforters and blankets below:

Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing

Even though they may look clean, your comforters, sheets, and blankets can carry contents that are not visible. Just through human contact alone, sheets can collect dead or damaged skin cells, sweat, sebum, hair, bacteria, and more. Bedding can also accumulate other contents like dust and mites which can make life difficult for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. 

According to experts, you should wash your bedding at least once a week for a cleaner, healthier sleep environment. In-home washing methods are effective for cleaning bedding but dry cleaning is the most effective way to deep clean and sanitize your bedding. Dry cleaning procedures use high-temperature heat to clean your bedding making it a successful method for eliminating bacteria, germs, mites, and other contents. Dry cleaning methods are also potent enough to remove sweat and oil-based stains leaving your bedding fresh, clean, and smelling good.

Effective Stain Removal

Whether it’s dirt, spills, food, or pawprints, bedding stains are all too common. Also, accidents happen, making blood and urine stains difficult to avoid. Depending on the stain, traditional cleaning methods are generally adequate to clean your bedding. But what do you do about the pesky stains that won’t go away even after you’ve washed your bedding?

Dry cleaning procedures are potent enough to remove even the most stubborn organic stains such as food, oil, blood, etc. Professional dry cleaners use special cleaning solvents that are tough on stains and easy on fabric, making dry cleaning the most effective method for cleaning and protecting your bedding. Keep in mind that the longer a stain remains on your bedding, the more difficult it becomes to remove. So we recommend cleaning your bedding as soon as you observe any stains.

Avoid Wrinkling, Creasing, & Clumping

There is no better feeling than having crisp, warm, fresh-pressed bedding. While in-home washing methods are practical for cleaning your bedding, the equipment and techniques often leave your bedding twisted, wrinkled, and clumped up making it difficult to achieve a fresh pressed feel. Twisting from washing machines creates wrinkles and prevents cleaning solutions from reaching all surfaces of your bedding. Twisting also causes moisture to build up in areas of your bedding that result in unevenness and clumping. Detergents and over-the-counter cleaning solutions may also damage your bedding causing colors to fade and leaving the fabric feeling rough. 

Professional dry cleaners avoid using water and detergents. Instead, they pretreat your bedding using special cleaning solvents that remove stains and preserve the color and softness of the fabric. They then use a dry cleaning machine to complete the cleaning process which is typically done in four gentle steps. Your bedding is then dried at a specific temperature that won’t damage the fabric, pressed to remove wrinkles and creases, hung up, and covered up to protect the quality and cleanliness.

Get Convenience & Peace of Mind

While in-home washing techniques are convenient, they can easily cause shrinking, fading, clumping, and other headaches. With professional dry cleaning services, you can steer clear of potential damages and rest assured that your bedding will be effectively cleaned, gently pressed, and safely handled. Avoid the risk of ruining your bedding by trusting the garment care experts at London Cleaners. We offer complimentary Pickup & Delivery Services throughout Greater Cleveland to give you peace of mind. Schedule your pickup today!