How To Properly Clean Your Winter Coat

As we enter the winter season, our winter coats become our best friend. A deep cleaning is recommended 1-2 times per season. Depending on whether or not you stain your coat, you may need additional cleaning to urgently remove the stain and avoid permanent damage. However,  cleaning a high-quality winter coat is not always as easy as tossing it in the washing machine. Some coats need to be specifically dry cleaned. A nice winter coat is an investment, so let’s talk about how to properly care for it this winter season. 

Check Your Coat’s Washing Instructions

Not all winter coats are machine washable. The best way to take care of your coat is to follow the instructions that are commonly printed on the inside tag. The tag will inform you whether or not it can be machine washed, and if it can, the temperature of the water, drying instructions etc. Ignoring these instructions can permanently damage your coat and waive any warranties you have.

Removing Stains from Your Winter Coat

Stains can be difficult to remove, and not to mention intimidating, when it’s on an expensive item like a winter coat. The most important thing is to treat the stain as quickly as possible. The longer the stain sits on your coat, the more likely it will be permanent. While you are out and about with your coat, consider keeping a tide stick or other kind of stain remover in your purse or pocket. 

Let Us Help You

If you have a stain that looks too hard to remove at home, or you are unsure that your coat is machine washable,  bring it to a dry cleaner like London Cleaners! We have the knowledge and resources to treat even the most stubborn stains. Our dry cleaning professionals have expertise in safely cleaning coats, without the risk of damage. Call us today!