The Importance of Maintaining Your Designer Clothing

For most, purchasing designer clothing is an investment. When you spend the money, you want to ensure it is worth it. Typically, designer garments are made with high quality fabrics and contain delicate or intricate designs that require gentle, specialized care. Improper care can result in not only aesthetic decline, but lifespan decline as well. A few tips that can dramatically prolong the lifespan and quality of your designer garments include proper storage, repairing or removing stains as quickly as possible, and following cleaning instructions to a tee. Below are some of the most crucial tips for maintaining your designer clothing.

Hand Washing & Professional Cleaning

Designer garments commonly require gentle care, especially when made of delicate fabrics like lace, silk, or linen. Tossing them in the washing machine without doing your research is not advised. It is important to always check for care instructions on the label of your garment. Hot water, tumble drying, and combining with rough fabrics may damage your high-end garments. Sometimes  professionally cleaning is the safest route to go. Professional dry cleaners who specialize in designer garment care have expertise in stain removal, preservation, and safe cleaning processes.

Proper Storage & Care

Appropriate storage is just as important as proper cleaning when it comes to prolonging garment quality and lifespan. Here are the top 3 storage tips: 

1. Cool, Dry Storage

Always store high-end garments in spaces that are dry, cool, and most importantly, out of the sun. Areas that are moist or hot increase risk of mold growth and foul odor. Prolonged sun exposure can cause fading or discoloration.

2. Sturdy, Felt Hangers

To play it safe, stay away from plastic hangers. Plastic or wire may be too rough for delicate fabrics and cause rips or tears. Sturdy, felt hangers will support the shape of the garment and will not damage the fabric.

3. Garment Covers

Garment covers are something to consider if you are storing your designer garments for long periods of time. Garment covers will protect the fabric, minimize dust collection, and friction with other garments.

Choosing a Professional Cleaner

Not all designer garments need to be professionally cleaned, but when you’re dealing with delicate fabric or tough stains, it is your safest bet. However, it is important to do your research when choosing a dry cleaning company. Make sure the dry cleaner you choose has experience with high-end garments. This will ensure your garments are in good hands. Here at London Cleaners we specialize in high-end garment care. We use gentle, specialized processes, eliminate shrinkage, remove stains, and seamlessly press your garment. Best of all, when your garment is finished, it is dropped off at your doorstep with our convenient dry cleaning delivery services. Call us today for all your high-end garment care needs!