Preserve your wedding gown to last a lifetime

After a bride’s wedding day, one is left with a decision of what to do with their wedding gown. Some brides donate, some sell, and some even recycle the fabric for other uses. Many brides, however, choose to keep it. A wedding gown is one of the only tangible memories a bride has from her wedding day that can be kept to reminisce on or pass down to future generations. That is why it is so important to preserve your wedding gown the right way. Not doing so can result in the yellowing of the fabric, brown oxidation spots, permanent fabric creasing, and even mildew growth. 

Keep reading to ensure you preserve your wedding gown the right way. 

Preserving Your Gown vs Dry Cleaning 

Wedding gowns are typically designed with delicate fabric, stitchings, and beaded or jeweled details. This is something to consider when deciding how you want your gowns to be cleaned. Do you trust the generic dry-cleaning approach? Or do you choose to expense professional preservation that will make your gown last a lifetime? If you choose to go the dry cleaning route, it is important to take the time to thoroughly research their policies. You want a dry cleaner that specializes in wedding gown cleaning. The solvent used on typical clothing at dry cleaners is likely too harsh for a wedding gown. Additionally, look into the dry cleaning policies for refunds in the unfortunate event that your gown gets damaged. You want to be sure that your gown is in good hands. 

Choosing to Preserve Your Gown 

If you want your wedding gown to last a lifetime without the risk of yellowing, oxidizing, or creasing, professional preservation is the way to go. Preserve your gown the right way and store it with ease knowing that in years from now, your gown will look just as beautiful as it did on your wedding day. 

Have Your Gown Professionally Cleaned 

To properly preserve your wedding gown, you will need to get it professionally cleaned. A few cake spots and wine stains on your gown are a sign that you thoroughly enjoyed your wedding! However, it is important to get those stains out before storing your gown. The sooner you get your gown to a professional cleaner, the better the chance of getting all the stains out. Professional cleaners have an eye for invisible stains. Even if you cannot see the stain with the naked eye, over time the stain may become visible. Professional cleaners know just how to get those out. 

Keep in mind, the gown itself may have specialized instructions on how to clean it. It is a good idea to share this knowledge with your chosen professional cleaner. 

Properly Store & Care For in the Preservation Box 

Once a gown is preserved, it should be stored in museum quality preservation box. For long-lasting preservation, museum boxes use acid free muslin lining that is moth-resistant and provides protection against light, humidity and contamination. If you want to take your gown out of the preservation box to admire it, it is recommended to use gloves to prevent the oils from your skin from damaging the fabric.

Properly Store Your Preserved Gown

It is important to properly store your wedding gown once it is preserved. When storing your preserved gown, here are some things to avoid:

  • Sunlight
  • Moisture
  • Regular zip-lock bags
  • Hangers

Ideally, for best conditions, seek out a preservation box made by a professional. 

Trust London Cleaners to Professionally Preserve Your Gown

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