Cleaning and Storing Garments to Prevent Insect Damage

Storing seasonal clothing can be a constant struggle. Organizing and storing garments is a much-needed task to create space in closets and drawers. While storing clothing may seem like a simple task, garments must be stored properly to preserve quality and conditions. Clothing that gets stored improperly for long periods of time is prone to collecting mildew, stains, and insects, with the latter being the most damaging resulting in many small holes. So how do you store your clothing without worrying about finding damages months later? Let’s dive into the different types of damage and how to prevent damage while storing clothes away for a season.

Direct Damage

One type of damage is when insects directly feed on the clothing items. Two types of insects are particularly known for this, which are the clothes moth and the carpet beetle. They feed on wool, fur, feathers, and blended fibers with polyester. 

Indirect Damage

The other type of damage occurs when insects feed on leftover particles on pieces of clothing, such as food, sweat, beverages, or starch. This is the primary reason why clothing needs to be cleaned and stains need to be removed before clothing is stored away. 

Insect Prevention

A common way to prevent insects from getting into your stored garments is by using over-the-counter products such as moth balls and cedar chips. Mothballs are an effective way to prevent moths from coming into contact with your garment or laying eggs near them. The problem with using mothballs is the concentration of odor they release can become attached to your clothing making it difficult to remove. The best way to decrease the possibility of odor attachment on your clothing is to never place them in an area where they may have direct contact with your garments. Ideally, it is best to suspend the mothballs a distance away from your clothing.

Have Your Garments Cleaned and Professionally Stored

In order to ensure that your garments are safely stored away, it’s important to get the items professionally cleaned before storing them away for a season. This deep cleaning will ensure that there is no trace of stains that could attract insects to eat away at your clothing. After getting a professional cleaning, make sure that you store the items in plastic bags, plastic boxes, or cedar chests. If you’re looking for the perfect dry cleaning service in the Greater Cleveland area, look no further than London Cleaners. The professional cleaners at London Cleaners will pick up and deliver your freshly laundered pieces for FREE! Call now or go online to schedule your first pickup today!