Why You Should Dry Clean Your Winter Bedding

Winter is over, and spring is officially here. During this season, you are probably starting to switch out your winter clothing and bedding for your spring clothing and bedding. In this process, it’s important to remember to clean all of your winter supplies before packing them away for the spring and summer months. Let’s dive into the reasons why it’s so important to deep clean your winter bedding and properly care for it before storing it away for the next few seasons.

Deep Clean Your Winter Bedding Before Storage

If you store away your bedding with stains on it, these stains will seep into the fabric and become increasingly difficult to remove when you pull the bedding out at the end of the year. Dry cleaning your bedding is a surefire way to get all of the dirt and grime removed from the sheets and comforters before it is stored away. This also helps you have peace of mind when you’re pulling the bedding out at the end of the year since you know it was properly cleaned when you put it away.

Properly Care for Your Winter Bedding

Dry cleaning is the perfect option to ensure your winter bedding is properly cleaned without any damage to the fabric. Using a washing machine could cause damage to the threading and linen fabrics in your winter bedding. If you opt to use a dry cleaning service, you know your bedding will be handled with the utmost care.

More Efficient & Convenient

Oftentimes, bedding is too large for a washing machine to adequately clean it. It can cause problems with your washing machine, or take hours to wash and dry. In addition, since bedding is so bulky, you will likely have to wash each piece of the bedding one at a time, further elongating the process and making it a difficult task to accomplish in one day. Dry cleaning is more efficient and convenient than machine washing, especially if you use London Cleaners. London Cleaners offers free pickup and delivery on all orders.

If you need to schedule a pickup with London Cleaners to dry clean your winter bedding before you store it away for the season, just click the link here to schedule an appointment today! If you have any questions about the services we offer, call or visit our website!