Top Reasons You Should Dry Clean Your Winter Clothing

Spring has sprung, which means it is time to retire your winter clothes until later this year. If you want your clothes to last for several seasons to come, it’s essential to get your winter pieces dry-cleaned before you store them away for the season. Let’s dive into the top reasons why you should dry clean your winter clothes.

Deep Clean

Simply throwing your clothes in the washing machine may help them appear clean, but opting for a professional to dry clean your clothes instead helps ensure that they are completely cleaned and free of all stains or imperfections. This deep cleaning is especially important when you are putting your clothes away for a season, as stains and imperfections can become permanent parts of your clothing if not resolved right away.

Avoid Damaging Your Clothes

A professional dry cleaning service will alter and repair any minor imperfections in your clothing, that way when you go to pull out your winter clothes for the next season, you won’t be blindsided with repairs and issues to resolve before you can wear your favorite winter outfits. 

Prevent Shrinkage

If you choose to machine wash your delicate winter wool and other clothing items, it will likely cause shrinkage with all of your favorite pieces. When you work with a professional dry cleaning service, we will clean your items with extreme care, so no damage or shrinkage will occur. You can rest assured that your clothes will be in perfect condition and ready to wear come wintertime!

Remove Bugs

If your clothes are stored away with trace amounts of stains or food particles, then bugs will find this the perfect place to create a breeding ground for the winter. Dry cleaning your clothes before storing them away eliminates the possibility of this happening, as the clothes will be one hundred percent fresh with no trace of anything that bugs could be attracted to.

Services with London Cleaners

Dry cleaning your clothes is the only way to ensure they are completely cleaned and ready to be stored away for the spring and summertime. You can rest assured knowing your clothes will be ready to go on the first day of winter when the weather starts dropping. If you’re looking for a professional dry cleaning service in the greater Cleveland area, look no further than London Cleaners. We offer FREE pickup and delivery with no minimum order size! Visit our website to get started and plan your first order today!