How to care for evening gowns

Late summer is the time for galas and balls, and even though we aren’t all living the Bridgerton lifestyle, indulging in a nice evening gown every once in a while can be fun. After an exciting night in your gown, you may come home to notice dirt, dust, food, and maybe even champagne stains. Taking proper care of your dress after an event can ensure you can wear it time and time again. Even if you aren’t an outfit repeater, your gown will hold memories of your best nights, the parts that won’t come out in the wash! Here’s a quick guide to caring for your evening gowns so that you can dance the night away without worrying about ruining your dress permanently.

Before You Wear

In the night’s excitement, don’t forget some important steps so that you don’t ruin your dress before even walking out the door!

  • Wear accessories that won’t snag on your dress
  • Apply makeup, deodorant, hairspray and perfume before you put on your dress
  • If your dress is new, it may have some wrinkling. If the wrinkling is light, you can use a handheld steamer, but be careful to avoid direct contact with the dress. If you don’t have a steamer or your dress has stubborn wrinkles, bring the dress to a professional cleaner.
  • After steaming or dry cleaning, hang your dress and place it in a garment bag to prevent wrinkles and protect it from dust and light.

While You Wear

  • If you spill on your garment while you are out, blot the area with a dry, white, clean cloth. Rubbing or scrubbing can damage the delicate fabric

After You Wear

It may be tempting to put your gown right back in the back of the closet after you wear it. However, to ensure that your dress stays beautiful for the next time, steps have to be taken after your wear.

  • Prioritize cleaning your garment as soon as possible after wear. Stains, even ones that may not be visible, can oxidize during long periods of storage, leaving permanent stains. Additionally, food residue, oil, sweat, and beverage spills attract pests, which can further ruin your dress.
  • Take a look at your care label. If it suggests dry cleaning, take your garment to a professional dry cleaner who knows how to care for evening gowns.
  • Allow your dress to hang and air out for several days before putting it back in a garment bag or storage.

Storing Your Gown

  • Put your gowns in a breathable garment bag that prevents exposure to dust and sunlight
  • Store your garment in a cool location that has ventilation, like a closet.



Taking care of your dresses may be the least fun part of your big event, but these steps will ensure your dress stays beautiful, clean, and damage-free. We would love to help you clean and maintain your evening gowns! Visit our website or call 800-299-7499.