Eco Friendly - London Cleaners
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“Dry cleaning” means laundering fabrics using a liquid other than water. Until recently, the only available dry cleaning solvents were petroleum-derived hydrocarbons, like perchlorethylene, or “perc”. Perc is what’s responsible for that harsh chemical smell typically associated with dry cleaning. Though these solvents are good cleaning agents, they pose potential hazards to our health and our environment.


Eco-friendly cleaning takes those hazardous chemicals right out of the equation.


Greening our operations since 1994, London Cleaners uses an innovative new cleaning system that cleans clothes better than the old, hazardous methods, even betten than the first generation of greener dry cleaning processes like those that use liquid silicone or carbon dioxide, with significantly less energy consumption as well.



What’s good for the Earth is great for your clothes! Wools do not get “washed out,” dry, or full of static. Silks, acetates, buttons and trim are treated tenderly. Even beaded wedding gowns are safely and easily treated! Fabrics retain their shape, color, and soft feel, remaining bright and intact. There’s very little wrinkling, and instead of that nasty, chemical odor, only a fresh clean scent. Here at London Cleaners, we’ve made this change because it is important to us to do as much as we can for our clients, our employees and our environment. Here’s to a more sustainable future!


London Cleaners was the first in Ohio to adopt the revolutionary SYSTEMK4 Cleaning system. Developed in Germany by Kreussler & Company, this paradigm changing system utilizes the first bio based cleaning fluid ever used in the dry cleaning industry. Non-toxic, biodegradable, renewable, sustainable, non-hazardous and derived in-part from Corn is just the beginning of the long list of attributes our cleaning technology can support. At London Cleaners we take our responsibility to the environment, our staff and our clients very seriously which is why we felt the investment to convert to SYSTEMK4 was so important. SYSTEMK4 is endorsed by America’s Best Cleaners, Finest Cleaners of America and The Green Business Bureau and is recognized as one of the safest and most effective cleaning technologies in the world.