DIY Wedding Dress Preservation

So, you spent hundreds, if not thousands, on the most beautiful dress you’ve ever seen in your life. But, now your wedding day is over and you have no idea what to do with your dress. You don’t want to throw it away, donate it, or sell it, so what do you do? Preserving it is a great option, especially if you want your children or grandchildren to wear it one day. Let’s dive into the details on how to preserve your wedding dress yourself!

Cleaning the Wedding Dress

The first step in the preservation process is to ensure that the dress is free of all stains. You can do this yourself, or take it to a professional cleaner. If you do this yourself, make sure that you take into account the different materials used in your dress. For example, bleach or a hot iron may ruin your dress by turning it yellow or melting the polyester. Traditional cleaning agents can ruin the integrity of your dress. 

It’s imperative that you get every stain or mark off your dress because these spots will set in the dress and never be removable if you wait to clean it. Going to a professional cleaning service can ensure that the dress is one hundred percent cleaned. 

Store the Dress

Once your dress is completely cleaned, you’ll need to store it wrapped in special acid-free paper. Acid-free paper is a must-have, as other types of paper can leave stains and ruin the delicate fabrics of your dress. Once you have the acid-free paper, wrap your dress in it and store it inside of the box the dress came in. Ensure that the outside of the box is sealed completely. That’s how you properly clean, preserve, and store your wedding dress so it’s ready to be worn in years to come!

Wedding Dress Preservation Services with London Cleaners

If you want your dress to be preserved, but don’t have the time or resources to fully preserve the dress, call in the professionals at London Cleaners to do the job! We offer FREE pickup and delivery for all orders, with no minimum purchase requirements. We can pick up your wedding dress from your home, have it professionally laundered and preserved, then deliver it back to you for FREE! Reach out to us today to schedule a pick up appointment and get your wedding dress preserved in no time!