Items You Should Be Dry Cleaning

Knowing what to dry clean (and not to) can be stressful. Sometimes you can toss your clothes in the washing machine, sometimes you need to hand wash your clothes or bring them into professional cleaners. Different fabrics will need different care requirements. Professional Cleaning If you’ve chosen to invest in premium clothing such as a […]

Signs You Should Look For in a Dry Cleaner

If you’re desiring to take care of your clothing well and take them into a dry cleaner, it’s important you go to a reputable business. Dry cleaners must be extremely knowledgeable on all kinds of fabrics, products, and allowable temperatures. If you’re trying to figure out how to find a good dry cleaner in your […]

The Wedding After party: Preserving Priceless Memories

Congratulations on the ceremony newlyweds! Now that the festivities are over, how do you keep your wedding gown looking brand new? Knowing how to properly clean and preserve your gown is the key to having your wedding dress look brand new and in its original beauty for years to come. First off, don’t waste time. […]