5 Reasons to Repair and Not Replace Your Shoes

Each year, in the United States alone, people throw away over 300 million pairs of shoes. This is a tremendous amount of waste that could be avoided by switching to more sustainable options. It may seem like a good idea to opt for a cheaper alternative when picking out your next pair of shoes but think twice before you make that decision. A more expensive pair will likely last you the rest of your life, especially if you take great care of them and get repairs when needed. Over time, it will save you money to opt for a more expensive pair rather than replacing an old pair multiple times. Let’s dive into five other reasons why you should repair and not replace your shoes:

  1. Comfort

Most people aren’t aware of all the other benefits of shoe repair, like changing the comfortability of your shoes. If your shoes are too tight, you can get them stretched. If they’re too loose, you can have an insole installed to make them fit perfectly. If you’re thinking of buying a new pair because the old pair you’ve been wearing doesn’t fit right, take your shoes into the shop and see if they can alter them to fit you before you toss them!

  1. Sentimental Value

If you have a pair of shoes that you absolutely adore, but the sole of the shoe is ripping off, chances are that you can bring those shoes back to life by opting for a shoe repair. Old shoes that have sentimental value can be saved from the trash can by a great shoe repair job.

  1. Community 

Support your local dry cleaners and shoe repair shops and contribute to your community by giving them business instead of supporting a mega fast fashion brand. This helps boost your community and helps you have a clear conscience, knowing that you did not contribute to the growing waste of 300 million pairs of thrown-out shoes.

  1. Sustainability

Not only are there an insane amount of shoes tossed each year, but those shoes made from synthetic materials like plastic and pleather can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Even shoes that are made of natural materials take 30-40 years to break down. Repairing one pair of shoes to wear for 15 years rather than going through 15 pairs of shoes in the same time frame helps keep waste out of landfills.

  1. Shoe Sizes

With shoe repair services, you can buy shoes that you might not have been able to buy before. For example, let’s say you really want a certain pair of shoes, but they’re sold out in your size and have the next size up or the next size down. You could still purchase those shoes, take them to a shoe repair shop, and have them shrunk or stretched out to fit you perfectly! 

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